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Help Salford's American Football achieve their three year ambition of getting into the BUCS league

We are hoping to raise a minimum of £467, enough to purchase the basic matchday equipment needed to compete in the BUCS league. Further funds will go towards training apparel and matchday jerseys.

For three years, the University of Salford's American football team have tried to complete our associate year in order to enter the BUCS league. This is no mean feat, as we've put our blood, sweat and sometimes tears into training to be the best team we can be. However, a lack of equipment is holding us back. That's why we are crowdfunding to ensure we have the last piece in the puzzle in our campaign to enter the BUCS league for academic year 2020/21.

A quick history of salford storm

The University of Salford American Football team was established in 2017. Known as Salford Storm, the team are hoping they can get some matches before the end of this year, qualifying them for league eligibility in 2020/21.

Having begun training at the start of 2018, the team have trained for two years without having played a full contact match. My focus now as Chairman of the team is to ensure that the team that I am so passionate about is able to play at the level they deserve to play at for years to come. 

For those that are new to the BUCS League, this is the official British University and College Sports competitive league that holds a lot of pride in the hearts of staff, students and alumni alike. In order to have a place in this prestigious league, each applicant team needs to pass an associate year.

An associate year entails a team to prove to BUCS that they have the equipment, financing and support of the university to compete in the competition without issue. For American football, this means playing a minimum of one home game and one away game, proving to have 2-3 fully qualified coaches and all the equipment necessary to properly mark out a pitch.

We currently have two coaches work with us. These coaches take time out of their own days and volunteer with us, and have done so since the formation of the team. 

Where will the money go?

        Essential Equipment

The below equipment are the essentials we require to host a home contact game. These are the first things we are looking to purchase with the funds we raise.

  • Adidas Rifle Leather Match Ball x3: £165        
  • Varsity Down Indicator and Chain Set: £197.99
  • Sideline Markers: £103.49
  • End Zone Pylons: £53.98

        Ideal equipment

These are pieces of training equipment which would enhance the training experience for players and help us reach our full potential. We would purchase these if all the above equipment has been purchased and we have funds remaining.

  • Slanted Agility Bags x4: £299.96
  • Warrior Battle Large Tackle Shield x4: £230

        Exceptional Equipment

The below items we are currently looking at purchasing using other sources of funds. However, if we exceed our expectations for this campaign, we will use additional remaining funds to purchase these.

  • Matchday Jerseys x18: £753.48
  • Football Bag: £44.99


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Find us here

Twitter: @UoS_AmericanFB

Instagram: @salfordstorm


Help us touchdown  in the BUCS league

Please help us with the last piece of the puzzle for our associate year. Your support to fund our matchday equipment would mean the world to me and my team. Whether you can give £1 or £100, or would just prefer to spread the word, we need all the help we can get to reach the endzone. We've got until May to complete this process and you are a key part in the teams success. Thank you for all your support and generosity.

Olly - Club Chairman