At the University of Salford, we like to do things a little differently in order to ensure the maximum benefit to current and future students.

Therefore, we have partnered up with our friends at Hubbub to bring you FundUS – a crowdfunding hub that facilitates projects from our community come to fruition. This means that you could see projects created by our students, staff and university members in need of your support. The projects available for crowdfunding have been carefully- selected by the Alumni Engagement & Development team at the University, and are the types of projects that would usually be the focus of our philanthropic work, and where traditional sources of funding may not reach. FundUS recognises just how important the student experience and working with the community is to students having an enriching study experience. Therefore, you may find crowdfunding projects to sponsor students go on placements, to help provide resources to our many clubs and societies, or ensure that student groups can really achieve their full potential.

The University already has a fantastic community of students, staff, alumni and other stakeholders who already support our work as an exempt charity, and FundUS is a new way for the social media- savvy among us to support our philanthropic mission at the click of a button. Don’t forget, we like to keep you updated with the progress of the project you have supported, so you will automatically receive updates about it.

For more information on the University’s charitable remit and the types of projects have we already fundraise for, please visit our priorities webpage.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practise of raising money for a project or resource by the power of the internet and social media. Charities and higher education institutions are using this method increasingly in order to secure funds for their charitable work, and at the University of Salford, we are no exception! If you would like further info, please see our helpful animation below.

Watch the video

How Do I Create a Project?

Simply login and enter a few key details: a description of what you want to do, a funding target and completion date, and some rewards for pledges. Images and videos can also bring your project to life! We offer advice, tips, and feedback all along the way.

Are there any fees?

We cover the costs of payment processing fees, so that you always get 100% of the value of your pledges.

All-or-Nothing Funding?

Every project must achieve its minimum needed by its completion date or no funds change hands. Why? Part of the appeal of crowdfunding is that sponsors get to engage with projects and see where their money is going. This keeps everyone happy!