Proud to Believe in Life Beyond Dementia

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Proud to belive in life beyond dementia by empowering the world to be more dementia friendly

The Salford Institute for Dementia campaigns to change the way people live with Dementia. We are aiming to raise donations for equipment at the Hub, such as arts and craft supplies, a camera for the photography club and specialist instructors to run exciting sessions.

Our Story

The Dementia Hub was opened in 2017 as a result of philanthropic support. It was built as a place for people with dementia and their care partners to gain a sense of community, whilst providing the facilities and support they need to live well . At the Salford Institute for Dementia, we are proud to be enhancing the lives of people living with dementia, through creating innovative ways to eradicate the fear and stigma surrounding a diagnosis, allowing people to look beyond dementia by seeing the character and not the condition. The Institute has a unique and multidisciplinary approach and is wholly dedicated to working in communities and developing practical solutions to help people with dementia to live life to the full.

The Hub organises clubs and cafes, with a range of activities that promote humanity and personhood, to enhance the lives of people living with dementia and their care supporters. These activities provide informal peer and professional support whilst also encouraging socializing and fun! So far, the Dementia Hub has organised;
  • The Music Café which every month arranges a show with a different genre of music. The Music Café encourages creativity, as visitors can come down to enjoy a wide genre of music and even have the chance to learn new instruments!
  • The SIDs Café which is a place for people living with dementia and their care partners to come and enjoy a chat and some fun, over a warm drink and some cake! The SIDS Café also offers a varied programme of social activities including arts and crafts, baking, quizzes, music, dance, photography, and visits from local organisations such as Community Support Officers.
  • The Good Life Club is focused around our dementia friendly garden. Our club members plant and grow their own seeds and veg, which is then used during cooking activities! This encourages members to look after themselves by eating a healthy varied diet, promotes the benefits of gardening as a way of relieving stress and anxiety and encourages everyone to socialise with old and new friends!

The hub creates a community where everyone feels valued and supported. One of our members explained why the hub is so important to them.

‘The hub is a safe, calm environment for people living with dementia and their carers to escape to, and being involved with the Good Life Club comes with its own benefits - chance to garden, be in the fresh air and to create something beautiful'

The life changing work that the Dementia Hub does can only be accomplished with the generous donation of our supporters. If we raise £550, we can buy the necessary equipment for these activities to continue to have a profound impact, through making sure that people can live well and have a fulfilled life beyond dementia. Your donation truly does make a huge different to those living with dementia.

Where will the money go?

£10 would buy seeds for the good life club

£15 ingredients to do a tray bake at a cooking session

£25 would buy a range puzzles / books for our reading group

£50 would pay for arts and crafts supplies

£50 printing of photos in photography group

£100 would pay for music percussion instruments to use at our music café

£100 would pay for a camera to use in a photography group

£200 would pay for a specialist instructor for 1 session.

Total = £550

Any further donations received would enable us to extend the remit of activities, such as a larger choice of books for our reading group. We could also buy new equipment such as an Ipad (£500) for lessons in technology, which gives members valuable skills.

We Need your help now because...

…during Dementia Action Week we are aiming to create a dementia friendly world and support for our Hub, but to do this we need your help! We need to make sure we are all taking action to change the way people live with dementia. Your donations will fund the equipment needed to continue the café and clubs at the Hub which makes a profound impact in the lives of people living with dementia and their care partners. Your donation – whether it is £5 or £500 –  can make a difference in changing the way that people live with dementia. Together we can believe in a life beyond dementia.

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