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We are hoping to raise a minimum of £750, which allow us to deliver high quality lessons and provide period packs to girls in order to reduce the stigma of period poverty. Further funds will go towards the long term sustainability of this project.

about us:

We are students at Enactus Salford. Our social enterprise project is Code Pink. We are a group of students that want help raise awareness and tackle social issues, in this case it is the issue of period poverty.

code pink:

Code Pinks’ primary aim is to educate young male learners in years 5 to 7 about periods in an effort to cultivate empathy and understanding towards women as well as to attempt to reduce the stigma around periods.To aid the achievement of this aim, the individuals delivering the lessons to the young male learners will be male Enactus Salford members who are between 18 and 25 years old, making the teacher more relatable, personable, whilst acting as a role model, speaking akin to an older brother. To deliver the lessons at a professional standard we need proper recording equipment.

Another aim of Code Pink is to tackle the effects of period poverty by providing ‘period packs’ containing free female sanitary products to young female learners in the partner school/s. The number of children living under the poverty in the UK is sickening and one of the effects of this is period poverty, usually overlooked, with the government scheme failing to be effective, therefore, by providing period products for free anonymously for those who need them to use, it will aid in combating the effects of period poverty. To achieve this aim we need to the contents of the period packs.

Where will the money go?


  • Camera: £150
  • Tripod: £40

Period packs

  • 500 period  packs (including sanitary products and educational leaflet) £502

If we exceed expectations for this fundraiser, we will use it for the long term sustainability of Project Code Pink.    


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Please help us by donating and following us on our social media pages. Your support will allow us deliver a high quality of lessons and provide period packs to the female learners. Whether you share one of our social media post or donate some money, your contribution will help us to achieve of our goal of reducing the stigma around period poverty.